How We Help You


We offer an initial complimentary consultation where you can share your story, your concerns and what's most important to you. You are unique and what works for some may be different for you.


We help you determine your financial strengths, weaknesses and potential risks. It is here where we learn if your goals align with our services.

Identify Goals

We help prioritize your financial goals and time frame. We take a look at your short-term and long-term needs.


We evaluate what tools and options you have to help meet your goals. We take a look at your investment experience and preferences. We educate you with the choices you have. 


Together we create and implement a comprehensive action plan that incorporates your personal goals and values.


We meet to discuss your plan and revisit your goals to see if any changes are needed. Life happens and needs change and we may need to adjust your portfolio and alter your plan in order to stay on track.


We are here to support you at every stage in your life. Something may come up and you may need assistance before your next scheduled meeting. Alongside your advisor, our team is staffed and ready to assist you with a call or an email.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Objective Independence - Your Resource advisor is independent and not employed by a bank, insurance company, mutual fund or brokerage firm. We research the wide array of financial options from many companies and advise you of those that fit your individual needs, thereby avoiding the conflict of interest inherent in many large national firms. This allows us to be objective and put your needs first and foremost.

  • Your Questions Answered - Will I be able to enjoy retirement? Will my money last? How do I pay for my children's college education? How can I reduce my taxes? What can I do to provide for my family and preserve the value of my estate? How do I make the right investment choices in my 401(k)?

  • Education - We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge about investments and successful money management. We are the founders of comprehensive financial education workshops with over 2 million attendees nationwide. We have been teaching financial planning courses at local area colleges and businesses since 1977. Our current course, The Complete Financial Management Workshop, is offered each term at several Portland Community College locations, as well as major area employers. Please see Classes for our current schedule. 

  • Customized Planning - Some firms train advisors to record a client's financial data and present a generic financial plan as big as a phone book. We treat our clients as individuals, realizing that no two families have identical needs and goals and no one really fits a standard mold. Our interactive planning and ongoing advice is "real world" and personal, giving you the guidance you need to implement your plan.