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What Sets Us Apart


Your Resource representative is independent and not employed by a bank, insurance company, mutual fund or brokerage firm. We can research the wide array of financial options from many companies and advise you of those that fit your individual needs, thereby avoiding the conflict of interest inherent in many large national firms. This allows us to be objective and put your needs first and foremost.

Consistent Relationships

There are a lot of investment firms where your advisor will come and go repeatedly. Just as you wouldn't want to switch doctors every year, we know you don't want to have to re-explain your financial situation to a new advisor frequently. We are a team of tenured professionals who are proud of the long and productive relationships we have with our clients. We get to know your situation, and understand your desires and goals. Your dedicated advisors will be your key resource for all ongoing meetings and reviews. We believe this allows us to stay focused on you, your family, and your life long dreams. You don't have to keep starting over with new advisors. We know your goals are important, as is your time.


We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge about investments and successful money management. We are the founders of comprehensive financial education workshops with over 2 million attendees nationwide. We have been teaching financial planning courses at local area colleges and businesses since 1977. Our current course, The Complete Financial Management Workshop, is offered every term at several Portland Community College locations, as well as major area employers. Please see Our Seminars for our current class schedule.

Customized Planning

Some firms train advisors to record a client's financial data and present a generic financial plan as big as a phone book. These types of financial plans are now even available at wholesale membership clubs! We treat our clients as the individuals they are, realizing that no two families have identical goals and needs, and that no one really fits a standard mold. Our ongoing advice is "real world" and personal, and we give you the assistance you need to implement it.