How We Can Help You

Times have changed. You may not be able to retire with a guaranteed pension check and there are questions about future changes to social security.  We are much more responsible for our own retirement decisions. All of this creates a real risk of not having enough money to retire comfortably. This is why so many of your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers have turned to RFP, a company dedicated to helping people just like you meet their needs and financial goals.


We will conduct a careful assessment of your personal situation, help you clarify your life goals and develop appropriate strategies to achieve these goals.



The road to financial success starts with a simple phone call.

We will schedule an initial no-cost, no obligation consultation to review your situation to determine whether we will be the best resource for you. If so, we will outline the process from there.

Please call (503) 245-3110 to schedule your initial consultation.